Cindy Fang

Cindy Fang

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Welcome to My Portfolio!

My name is 方英冬瑾. (pinyin: Yingdongjin Fang) I prefer “Cindy” because it is my English name since I was 8 years old when I started learning English. I finished my Technical Communication degree as an honor student at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, GA, U.S.A. I also have an English Literature degree at North China University of Technology in Beijing, China. I am a bilingual technical communicator.

As you tour this site, you will see I use blue and white porcelain as my background as well as some of the elements. This is to illustrate my personal character. The high quality of porcelain needs to endure hot firing.

I am brave and perseverant in the work environment, and I will not easily give up when faced with challenges. I want to make things happen. This is Cindy. I am brave, persistant, hardworking, quiet, and down-to-earth like the porcelain illustrations I draw.

This portfolio site guides you through my works in the technical communication field such as information design, graphic design and multimedia presentation. I portray myself as a technical interpreter through the porcelain illustration, which means I help simplify difficult and complicated technology into user-friendly and user-oriented writings and design. I can also interpret Chinese and English languages, Eastern and Western cultures because of my multicultural mind, background and travel experiences. Furthermore, as a designer, I like simple but effective designs, which can bring the most aesthetic impact on users.

I hope you will like this site and find it helpful in learning more about my work and processes.