Cindy Fang


Information Design

My concentration in the Technical Communication program is information design. Information design and writing are closely connected, which is important and powerful. Every product needs documentation to explain its function and usage to customers. Writing is also a great communication tool for companies to describe, persuade and brand their products and services to customers. In this section, I will demonstrate some of my skills in the area of professional writing, research, user documentation, proposal writing, and translation.

Professional writing

Rhetoric writing piece

The first writing project is for my Rhetoric class in Fall2013. I was inspired by Chang-rae Lee’s Mute in an English-only world. I decided to observe bilingual code-switching behavior from the cultural and linguistic aspects.

The Missing Piece-The Rhetoric of Code Switching


writing report

The second writing is a group report about worker’s communication at the Five Guys’ restaurant. We observed the five workers communication behaviors according to Stewart Tubb’s communication model.

The Five Guy Team Report

Small Group Communication

Travel report
Population Changes in Berlin and Beijing

Travel Report

an article published on the SPSU newspaper-The sting
SPSU- A Chinese Student's home Away From Home


The writing piece above is my travel research and analysis for my “City as Text” class. I went to Berlin, Germany, during my 2013 spring break. The purpose of this report is to show the population changes in Berlin as well as in my hometown Beijing.

This piece is an article I wrote for our school newspaper, The Sting. I wrote about my study aboard experiences and feelings in the United States as an international student.

Research project

My undergraduate thesis

This research paper is my undergraduate capstone project as an honor student. I was given the opportunity to choose the topic as well as the instructor of my own choice. Based on my bilingual experience and perspective, I decided to focus my research on the different written formats of business communication in China and the United States.

Comparing Chinese and English Business Writings


User Documentation

Manuel rewrite

I conducted this manual rewrite project in User Documentation class in Fall 2012. This project required the knowledge of information mapping as well as structured writing. I chose the user guide of an instant messenger to rewrite. The name of the instant messenger is Tencent QQ International. The original manual is like an information container where it accumulates the entire instructional message without information hierarchy.

Click Here for PDF file

Tencent QQ International Manual Rewrite

User Documentation

Proposal Writing

Grant poposal writing-Project Children First

This grant proposal was a team project for my Proposal Writing class. We were asked to write a grant proposal for a non-profit organization called Children’s Burial Assistant Inc. to respond to a Request For Proposal (RFP) of Project Children First.

Project Children First

Proposal Writing


My translation work

During the summer 2012, I had an internship as an apprentice translator for a project at reasonablefaith.org. I translated articles from the Q&A section from English to Chinese. The articles include Q&A 2, Q&A 8, Q&A 24, Q&A 25, Q&A 26. The Q&A section is about the answers from Dr. William Lane Craig reponding to various questions people had about Christianity.

Q&A Translation

Translation Work