Cindy Fang



Multimedia keeps growing faster and is becoming a sought-after skill in today’s communication field. In this section, you will see some of the projects I created or participated in the field of multimedia technology including video presentations and website design.

video presentation

Does presentation mean a speaker with a Power Point slideshow? Think again! Video presentation is part of multimedia. During my degree program, I participated in some group video presentations, and I listed two of them below. Click the start button to watch the videos.

Video one-music and media

Title: An Introduction to Media-music and media

Type: Media podcast

Team members: Philip Larry Mincey, Yingdongjin “Cindy” Fang, Michael “Bryan” Dye, and James Brumby

I participated in a video production group for Introduction to Media class, Fall 2013. The assignment was to use one of the class concepts as content to create a video podcast. We chose music and media as our topic. I helped plan and coordinate the video such as presenting in the video and finding visual sources to include in the final product.

Video two-An interview about the aspect of Change in Berlin

Title: An interview about the aspect of change in Berlin

Team members: Jamilah-Renay Bouges, Haley Bowers, and Yingdongjin “Cindy” Fang

This video presentation was made for the City as text class back to Spring 2013. During the spring break of 2013, we went to Berlin to observe and experience the cultural and social environment of the city. In this video, my team member and I were talking about the changes in Berlin from our own perspective. I presented in this video, wrote my own script and contributed to some of the visual sources in the final product.

website design

Laptop version of the website
I created a responsive website using HTML and CSS during the Advanced Design for the Web class in Spring 2014. The project required the creation of a mobile, tablet and laptop versions of an imaginary hotel website. I wanted people to feel fresh, relaxed and comfortable when they visited “my hotel”. I chose the color green as my theme color and “South Asia” as my cultural association.

Laptop version of the SRQ Carpet Cleaning website
This web design project was created for a carpet cleaning company in Florida called SRQ Carpet and Tile Cleaning. My team members Kristin Souther, Eryka Martin, and I created this responsive website using HTML and CSS in Spring 2014.
Lap version of the OYOYO website
O-YOYO Studio is composed of three entreprenant and hardworking young adults who want to start their own game. O-YOYO word game is their first start. I made OYOYO Studio's website with HTML and CSS. For more information, please visit OYOYO Studio.com.
Mobile version of the Atami Grill&Sushi, Inc website
This web design project was made for a Japanese restaurant company in Georgia called Atami Grill & Sushi. Furthermore, I also do online marketing and promotional flyers for the company.