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Movie Script Book

Rurouni Kenshin

Editorial Design | 2017

This project is an entire script of the movie Rurouni Kenshin Series 3. The objective of this project is to pick a film and transform it into a typographic book. This project does not allow any existing logo, typography, or imagery from the original film. I am using typography to express the movie script as well as my interpretation of the film. So, I would like to let my audience feel the contrast between the excitement of the fighting scenes as well as the calm from the peaceful scenes.

Slipcase and Cover
Featured Spreads
Design Rational


Rurouni Kenshin is a Japanese movie series that adapted from a manga.
Himura Kenshin (main character). The story happened in the Early Meiji period (1868 – 1912) in Japan. Kenshin was an assassin that helped the Japanese government won the Bakumatsu war. Makoto Shishio who is a pure evil and he wants to overthrow the Meiji government and let the country go back to the samurai period (old Japan). Therefore, the Meiji government asks Kenshin to help take down Shishio. The fate of Japan hangs in the sword of Kenshin.


Futura – Geometric San-serif
Uppercase – Sharpness – Sword Lowercase – Friendliness – Calm
Kangji character るろうに剑心 Hiragino Mincho Pro


I use Japanese binding for this book. The first reason is because this is a Japanese movie but most important reason is the villain in the story is all stitched-up. I am trying to incorporate binding with the characteristics of the villain. The trim size of the book is 7” X 10”. It is a regular Manga book size.

The Process

Movie plan & Sketches & Drafts

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